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This is the first of four events created exclusively for the members of CBA. Each event is stand-alone, so if you cannot make one you are encouraged to come to the others.


January 27

Besides startups that never get off the ground, businesses fail from a lack of financial planning or collapse from growth. In this first session, Amanda introduces her proprietary process for business success and focuses on the first building block: lead generation. Leads (or new customers) are the fuel for every business regardless of the industry. Even if you don’t need more customers right now, knowing how to differentiate your business so that prospects choose you, ensures your business survives. More importantly, having a reliable lead generation system that generates consistent leads, increases the valuation of your company, thus making it more attractive to future buyers, when that time comes.


What these events aren’t:

NOT a disguised sales pitch

NOT a boring presentation about buying ads that don’t result in new customers anyways

NOT a place for Amanda to listen to her own voice for a whole 90-minutes :)


What you will get is

REAL strategies that you can implement yourself

INSPIRATION that can only come from being in a room with like-minded business owners doing the same work at the same time

The PEACE OF MIND knowing that you’re focusing on the business activities that really make a difference so you can work smarter rather than harder.


Session 2 Topics: Business Mastery: Conversion Strategies & Sales Tactics

Q2 – TBD date


Session 3 Topics: Business Mastery: Keeping & Finding Employees


Session 4 Topics: Business Mastery: Pricing & Profits




Amanda helps small business owners write themselves bigger paychecks and take vacations without cash flow anxiety or endless calls from staff. Using her proprietary process, her clients experience massive growth by making small tweaks to what they are already doing.

She has one mission: to ensure no business owner fails as she did. Amanda’s first business was a bakery that she grew from a farmers market booth to a brick and mortar and wholesale manufacturing facility that employed 15 people. She sold that business in 2018 and left exhausted and burnt-out.

With Amanda’s experience in marketing and communications, combined with having launched and sold a retail and manufacturing business herself, she has a deep understanding of what small business owners face every day. She brings an entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative approach to creatively solve problems so business owners not only meet their goals but exceed them.

She is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses entrepreneurial support program, facilitated by Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and holds an MBA from Western Governor’s University, where Amanda used her previous business competencies to complete a two-year program in one year.

She is also a certified Gallup CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) executive coach and uses this competency to help build employee relationships inside organizations and improve workplace efficiency among teams. Her top ten strengths are Strategic, Arranger, Communication, Assurance, Belief, Responsibility, Empathy, Achiever, Developer, Includer.