40:31 Wines

40:31 Wines

We are a small, boutique winery with a vineyard located 4 miles west of McMinnville. All but one of our 40:31 Wines are single vineyard, estate grown wines from our Ten Peaks Vineyard. We bought the vineyard in 2017 and have grown our business to warrant a brick and mortar tasting room location which we happily found in Carlton. This is a dream for us as we have always had our eyes on the very property we now offer wine tastings.

We are the owners and operators of our vineyard and wine businesses. Over the years we have participated in many wine events, providing the needed experience to open a tasting room.

Shari & Bill Price
40:31 Wines
Ten Peaks Vineyard

Shari Price

258 N Kutch St., Suite B, Carlton, Oregon, 97111